About DefTalk

Ultra-secure messaging app DefTalk

DefTalk is a diehard security messaging app, developed by DEFCOM. The developers have combined all the best features of modern-day messengers in it, supplementing it with innovational solutions in the area of user data protection.

The idea of creating DefTalk emerged after a number of high profile scandals, involving personal user data interception, surfaced in the media. Our team needed 18 months to develop DefTalk, which was approved in the App Store.

A unique 4xSecure protection technology is used in DefTalk, ensuring maximum security of communication on four levels.

1 level – user-end data encryption. All information is transferred to other users in an encoded form.

2 level — data is not stored on the company’s servers, so even DEFCOM employees cannot access it.

3 level — connection between the server and user devices is secured by TLS/SSL protocols.

4 level — location of the servers in Monaco, a state with impeccable reputation in the field of personal data protection.

This, however, is not the complete list of all DefTalk features! If you want to achieve maximum security, you can set additional options,

like an app password and message self-destruct timer. So, even if your phone falls into the wrong hands, nobody will be able to read your correspondence. All this makes DefTalk one of the most secure means of communication in the world!

DefTalk developers did their best to make your communication not only secure, but also simple and enjoyable. This is why we created the unique SmartSmile™ technology that was built based on a major linguistic research and called to speed up communication between people. Now you can communicate in a new way with vivid and original stickers that are always within reach. Forget about spending time typing long sentences. Thanks to SmartSmile™ you will be able to find the sticker you need in no time and express all shades of your emotions much faster than in other application.

Furthermore, DefTalk lets you exchange text and audio messages, share photos, videos and location tags. The messenger also offers media compression, enabling faster file exchange.

Do you want to check out all the benefits of DefTalk for yourself? Download the app in the App Store or Google Play and install it on your smartphone.