Our Projects

Now our team is developing the whole set of communication products. Our goal is to give people an opportunity to communicate using advanced algorithms of data encrypting.

When choosing the means of communication whether with friends or with dearest people; while business correspondence or personal emailing, hardly could we be concerned about confidentiality. In majority of cases the most advantage is given to benefits in use, as to: comments from friends, additional supplies, and other advantages. However, the question arises whether it is safe to expose your private life, business relations, or family secrets to public viewing?


DefTalk and DefMail - are highly protected communication services with friendly user interfaces, secure connection over the world and a great amount of options. With putting together the best technologies and algorithms for data protection we are able to present our new product in terms of privacy security within users’ communication over the world.

The entire correspondence between DefMail users is being kept on servers at the Principality of Monaco - the place where private information is untouched. Personal data protection is secured by the law, and delivery of it to third parties is impossible. All the messages are encrypted, even for server administrators, what has become an additional level of protection. In addition to the above said technologies, DefTalk messenger also uses operational functions which enable to upgrade its security.

  • Off-the-record messaging

  • End-to-end encryption

  • tls/ssl

Off-The-Record Messaging - is a protocol which, apart from encryption, provides with arrangements for identifying a subscriber. You may be secure in what you write to a certain subscriber. The additional feature to the protocol has become a separate encryption which secures additional protection from the third parties.
End-to-end encryption enables to encrypt data in such a way that the access to it will be available only for owners of unique set of keys - namely you and your subscriber. Thus, the linking channels to our servers will never become a threat to safety of your communication.
TLS/SSl are cryptographic protocols that secure integrity and safety to a data transmission link between your device and our server. Thanks to these protocols your communication via Internet is surely protected from data interception with the purpose of further falsification.

Off-The-Record Messaging - is a protocol which, in addition to encryptions, provides users with tools for identifying subscribers. You are finally safe to write what you want to a certain subscriber. The additional feature to the protocol has become a separate encryption, securing additional protection from the third parties.

Algorithms applied in the software within the long period have proved their safety along with higher level of data protection and efficiency at proper operation. Therefore, the joint use of the algorithms will definitely ensure a very high level of communication confidentiality and data protection.