About us

Our company is a team of like-minded people gathered to change this world and make it better.

We want free people all over the Earth to be protected; we want everybody to feel secure talking to each other without expecting someone will read his love letter or business document sent to partners.

We are together to give new products to the world. Products that allow everyone to communicate freely, products that make one sure about data protection.

Nowadays people all over the world know that data they share through the Web is not really protected. Precisely publications of intercepted secret documents and private correspondence made us think about realization of DEFCOM project.

Last straw for the start of development was information from Edward Snowden: he told the world about cooperation between secret services and leading Internet-companies that control the main amount of web.

We realized: users have no choice; they have to use services of discredited companies. We plan to give people the new decision. We understood that this was our mission!

For the normal realization we had to find the place on Earth, where our team, our ideas, work and project could be protected, so we could focus on DEFCOM.

We were looking for the place where we could accumulate most advanced technologies of data encryption, and we succeeded!

We chose Monaco – state widely known for its’ reputation of the most protected. Such reputation is of a great value for the local authorities. Monaco has the state protection for all the population and local companies.

HQ and main servers are placed here, in Monaco. This decision gave us a possibility to create a maximum protection for users all over the world.

Now, those who want to get access to another’s personal data, have no possibility to manage it.

Except the protected place we compiled all the latest technologies in data protection, and use them in our projects.

Our team consists of professionals in highly-loaded servers building, programming and data encryption.

Our whole team of DEFCOM project is 100 people in total. Still we keep in secret all information about our products development and protection technologies, but soon we’ll hold a great presentation to show to the world the beta-version of our product – we’re sure it will be needed in every part of Earth.